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Noble Poker

Get up to a $700 Bonus!

Noble Poker Room is one of Jerry's favorite Poker Rooms. Noble Poker now offers its new depositing players a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to an unprecedented $700! For every hand you play at Noble Poker, and which generates rake, you'll earn Noble Poker Crowns - Noble Poker's unique player points. It doesn't matter whether you've placed a bet or folded, you'll still earn the Crowns. Players receive bonuses based on the Crowns they've earned. As you keep playing, additional bonus payments are made until a matching 100% First Deposit Bonus is paid, up to $700. A great deal for new players!


Live poker – Get set go


Live Poker a card game in which the players bet and gamble by holding the biggest or top ranking card that they have. Live poker has a maximum of 8 players and is played at a 7 Card Stud table. The environment has elegant table settings and lobby montages. Live poker though usually played in poker rooms, is being played online too where a live multilevel poker environment is created and there is interactivity between users online. Here too the graphics used is top notch and gives the users a feeling of playing in live sitting rooms. Also they offer services like virtual and real money so the users can actually gamble with others on the net.


Types of live poker

There are many types and variations with which live poker can be played. Though there are hundreds of variations in playing live poker, there are a few popular poker types. Following are some of the well-known live poker games-


Texas hold’em – This is the most popular live poker game. It is also the fastest and lasts for only about ten minutes to deal each hand.


Omaha poker - Omaha is another popular community live poker game, it involves the five board cards but four hole cards.


Blackjack – This is basically a type of poker game where each player plays with the dealer and it is played with eight deck of cards and shuffled after every hands.


7 card stud – This is a very popular type and probably the one played in most of the house holds. Here all the players are ante.


Crazy pineapple – This is a variation of the hold’em except for a few changes.


There are other types of live poker games like 5 card stud, American joker poker etc.

Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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