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Gambling Problem in Poker


by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
Nov 28, 2006


Gambling problem in poker


The casino is an exciting place to visit and players visit the casino for different reasons as well. Some take the time to learn the skills needed to play the games with the primary goal of winning money only. In the game of poker what counts more is the skill, which can make you as rich as a king or as poor as a popper. The majority of players visit the casino for entertainment and playing the games is an enjoyable experience and the lure of winning money adds to a player's excitement to high amount. Once addicted to this game of luck, one tends to lose all the other likes and hobbies that he has. Some players enjoy and experience a high that accompanies the thrill when they risk their money on the games. More than risking the money, what counts here is the winning spree that one wants to go on. For some people this feeling can be seductive and alluring and a minority of them succumbs to the darker side of gambling that is known as addiction. People enjoy this game of stars and skill but at the same time some ruin their lives by wasting all their well-earned money.


Conceptual problem with poker


Conceptually means that first place is punished and all other close finishers are rewarded. It is meant in terms of strategy. It means that if the person is playing to win first place, because he think that he is the best poker player alive, then probably lose money in the long run. One might win lots of tournaments, but loose in the long run. In order to make the most profit along a many tournament stretch, one has to be conservative. One has to be inordinately selective about the hands to play on. One should not bet or rise with the same small edges of profit from in regular poker games. The way to make a profit in these tournaments is to survive in the game. Simply survive and there may be the opportunity to win. If in trying to survive, one accidentally wins first place, that is fine but mostly, one should not go out of the way to win the first-place trophy, because the winner of the tournament is penalized. Gambling and poker go hand in hand and are one and the same. Once addicted a person might lose his entire lives saving in winning this game.


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