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Viet Nam Gambling Poker 


by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
Nov 30, 2006


Viet Nam gambling poker

Vietnam is a country, which is highly rich with traditions and if you ever happen to visit Vietnam you may realize the different way of the Vietnamese living there. Some of the online sites have tried top bring back some of these traditional Vietnamese games that people grew up with and loved all the while. One of these games is called Chinese poker also known as Xap Xam in the Vietnamese community.

Play poker

Each player is dealt with 13 cards. The main object is to arrange them into 3 groups consisting of 3 cards called as front group, 5 cards called as middle group, and 5 cards, another, called as back group. Once you have finished arranging the cards then you can compare group against with other players and each group that ranks higher than your opponents corresponding group would earn you 1 unit. After each hand the dealer shifts down to on3e place left. A player’s back group must be stronger than his middle hand and his middle group. The player’ pays a penalty, otherwise, for the wrong arrangement. Note one thing that the player having a flush or a straight with cards of the same rank in more than one hand, the suit of the high card determines which the stronger hand is thus, where the hand must be place. Suit rank starts with spade, followed by hearts, clovers, and diamond.

Three types of cards in use in Vietnam for different games

  1. The standard international 52-card pack is used for various games.
  2. A special 32 card pack of two color chess cards is used for the trick taking game
  3. A special 120 card three suited money pack is used for the rummy game

Some rules

1) If a player fails to set front, middle and back groups in the proper ranking order, the group fouls and the player pays a penalty to each opponent who didn’t surrender

2) against a clean sweep hand, the value of the clean sweep hand

3) against a regular hand, 3 units plus any opponent’s bonus

4) a player fouls if he or she declares a clean sweep but cannot produce it, unless an opponent has already declared intention to surrender.


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