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Bingo Online Bonuses

Do you enjoy playing bingo? Now in the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy playing online bingo without the crowds and smoke filled rooms. These bingo halls over first class software, great bonuses, fast payouts and the thrill of bingo. As always, I will stand behind you if you ever have a problem with any of these quality bingo halls. See my pledge.

Click here for:  Bingo Lingo

Jerry's Top 6 Bingo Halls

Primetime Bingo

Bonus ~ $10 plus 200% Bonus!


Party Bingo

Bonus ~ 200% up to $100


Miss Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Bonus ~ 100% + $30 up to $90


Ruby Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Geisha Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100



Other Bingo Halls

Bingo Hall Bonus Bingo Hall Bonus
Big Time Bingo 100%



Big Betty's Bingo $10 Free Kiwi Bingo 100%
Bingo 777 100% Mad Bingo 100%
Bingo Cafe 100% Mapau Bingo 100%
Bingo Drome 200% Miss Bingo 100%
Bingo Gringo 100% Nickel Bingo 150%
Bingo Hall 100% Online Bingo 100%
Bingo Liner 100% Only Bingo 100%
Bingo Mania 150% x 2 Party Bingo  200%
Bingo Palace 100% Prime Time Bingo  200%+  140% Ruby Bingo 100%
Geisha Bingo 100% Tiki Bingo 100%

Bingo Online

Bingo! One of the most popular games ever invented where money changes hands freely. It's a game played in small local clubs and huge halls especially designed for the game, and now there's also bingo online.

Like every other form of gambling, when it comes to bingo, online venues have become extremely popular with crowds flocking to them every day to grab a few books and get their 'eyes down'. In fact, the ability to enjoy bingo online is probably one the most exciting developments in the world of online gambling.

Celebs Playing Bingo

Although bingo had started to decline in popularity, it's peak being during the 70s, the fact that big celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Jade Jagger and Elle MacPherson have endorsed the game as one of their favorite pastimes has brought back a sense of glamour to the game. Young people are once again turning to bingo for entertainment, with bingo online being a clear favorite.

Women and Bingo

Society has traditionally accepted gambling amongst men but when it comes to women, it's generally scorned. Bingo, however, is an exception. Although it's most certainly a game of chance where money changes hands, it's generally seen as innocent entertainment rather than gambling and therefore acceptable for women to play. Just as with traditional bingo halls, the ability to play bingo online attracts huge numbers of women, both young and old.

That isn't to say that bingo is only for women, though. Far from it.  Men are welcome to play and more and more are turning towards it, probably thanks to the popularity of bingo online.

Online Bingo Welcomes Everybody

For those seeking safe entertainment from home, playing free bingo online fits the bill perfectly. Online bingo halls have a friendly atmosphere and everybody is welcomed regardless of age group, gender, background or bankroll.

Unlike some forms of gambling, no former knowledge of the game is needed. Newcomers may just buy one book to start with, while the more seasoned player of bingo, online and off, will have up to six books on the go at any given time.

The Social Aspect of Online Bingo

Although it can be argued that bingo halls don't just exist to quench the player's thirst to gamble, but also to offer an of opportunity for socializing, the busy chat rooms attached to the sites offering bingo online are the modern equivalent. Between games, players congregate in the chat rooms, discussing world events and trivia in just the same way that they would if they'd traveled several miles through all kinds of whether to get to their "local" bingo hall.

Apart from being able to play from the comfort of your own home, playing bingo online also offers the advantage of never closing. Play bingo whenever it suits you - morning, noon or night.

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Online Gambling Guide featuring Best Online Casinos,
Online Gambling Payouts and recommendations for Gambling online