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Sport and Gambling

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
Nov 10, 2006


Sport and gambling 

Gambling can be good sport in a way to increase the interest of any sports action. But if it exceeds certain basic core it can become addiction. Recent statistics from gamblers suggest that five percent of gamblers eventually become addictive or pathological gamblers. Although this is a small percentage of the total number of people gambling, the associates of addicts are equally affected.

Examine if you are an addict

You can always know if the second person is addict but when it comes to you, probably you cannot make out if you are an addict or not. Pathological gambling is a progressive disease. It can catch hold upon anybody. But you can always find if you are addict. There are numerous stories of devastating financial, emotional, and mental effects on the gambler. In addition to that they affect the life of their beloved ones also. Following are the phases that can help you understand the addiction of gambling. 

  1. Winning Phase: The experience of a big win leaves a gambler with an overwhelming optimism to continue it. This leads to increased excitement and attraction towards the gambling.
  2. The Losing Phase: This phase can be characterized by the gambler proud about wins that he never had. Here the gamblers are not much addictive to the game but to wins. They simply keep on thinking about gambling.  More often people keep borrowing money legally or otherwise with which they bet. They start deceiving family and friends. They become more irritable and restless. An important concept of this phase is chasing a loss, which essentially means the feeling that a gambler must return to the game to win back the losses.
  3. The Desperation Phase: this phase is most terrible phase. By this time the gambler is so deliberate to play that most of the time he plays to escape depression. There is a massive increase in the amount of time a person spends gambling. As a reaction to the disintegration of the life, gambler experiences regret, the blaming of others, and the isolation from friends and family. A feeling of hopelessness and hypertension haunts the gambler and is often manifested in suicidal thoughts. Arrest, divorce, substance abuse, or emotional breakdowns are major losses that are experienced in this phase.


Cure over gambling

The first thing to do is to determine if you are addicted to it. If your answer to the gambling addiction is yes, then first contact your local gamblers anonymous and consider their treatment. If you need help to control or manage your gambling habits go for it without any hitch. Gamblers rehabilitation treatment is a resource available to all persons with complete confidentiality.











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