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How to Play Craps and Rules for Playing Craps
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A famous casino dice game:

Previously known as the craps the present craps is a very popular and famous casino game played with a dice and is especially well known in the USA. Actually the game is a simplified version of the old English game the Hazard. In this game the players wager their money against the Casino. The winners are decided on the outcome of a single roll or a series of rolls of two dices. The game became extremely famous among the soldiers who play it in less formal settings than the usual glamorized version being played in the casinos. The player who rolls the dice is known as the shooter and the first roll of a new round is called the come out roll. All the players bet on the same roll and take turns alternatively in rolling the dice.

A brief history of the origin of craps:

The modern craps is said to have its roots of origin in the ancient dice games that were famous within the Roman Emperors, the Egyptian Pharaohs and the native red Indians of America. Although the history of dice games links to pre historic times the history of modern craps is just a hundred years old & believed to be the successor of the English game “Hazard” that was extensively played by the soldiers of the great Third of the Twelfth century. It is believed that the craps was brought to America by the first English settlers on mayflower. Later on in the 1800’s the French started calling it as Craps as it became very popular in the New Orleans. It is also said that the Ancient Hazard after undergoing many changes in the rules and odds and other modifications give birth to the modern craps.

Types of bets in the game:

Basically there are two types of bets placed in the game of craps, the proposition and the place buy & lay bets. Of them the proposition bets pay off at high odds with a significantly higher house advantages. Some of the terms used commonly in the proposition bets are the hop bets, the any seven, a whirl or a world bet. The field bets and the big 6 & the big 8. In the second type, the place buy and the lay bets the players are let to buy individual numbers by placing their bets in the come area by mentioning the specified number of the bet to the dealer. A 5 % commission is to be paid to the casino on the purchase of numbers that may result in a pay off at the true odds.

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Craps Online featuring Free Online Craps,
How to Play Craps and Rules for Playing Craps